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2021 - Free Burn

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

In a matter of 22 days, a group of dedicated artists, musicians and guardians came together with a reverent offering to contain the sacred space of remembrance for those lost in 2020/2021.

The Rainbow Lightning Community came together in 2021 to assist with the "Temple of Constraints" for the Renegade / Free Burn in collaboration with Kelsey Faery (Ambient Architects) & Shipwreck & Neydi / Hella Shamans, and with support that made it all possible from Travis Pope, Monera Mason, Matt Shultz (Embrace & Space Whale), Heidi & Kevin (Ephemerisle) Hillary Clark & Cassandra Jill, Reverbia Camp, Tophat (Fire Guardian) and especially John Luck (and so many others).

"Does agency coupled with a decentralized plan work to hold sacred space? Can we hold sacred space in evolving conditions? Can we pivot and still hit our intentions? Can we work across teams and say yes to people bringing their best selves? Can we yield and still create? I think we know the answer is a resounding yes." - Monera Mason

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