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Join the
Rainbow Lightning
Theme Camp

We are accepting applications for new members to join the adventure. If your ethos aligns with the main offerings, then please apply for membership.

Key Features and Community Agreements

  • Sound Healing (Grounding and healing space to relax and get sound baths)

  • Dry Camp (No Alcohol or Drugs openly offered or visible in camp)

  • Family Friendly (Peaceful Vibes & Children Activities)

  • No Drama Policy (Applies for all guests and campers)

  • Burning Man 12 Principles (Radical Inclusion, Gifting, Decommodification, Radical Self-Reliance, Radial Self-Expression, Communal Effort, Civic Responsibility, Leaving No Trace, Participation, Immediacy, Each One Teach One, Consent)

Camp Fee Covers (increased on 8/11)

  • Buying into Food Co-Op with 2 Communal Meals/Day (27% of fee)

    • Communal Effort = showing up to your 2 kitchen playa shifts to help out

  • Access to (in-camp) Bathrooms for Healthier Protocol (7% of fee)

    • Civic Responsibility = keep yourself healthy, don't come to playa if you are sick, use our community bathrooms as opposed to event bathrooms to avoid the spread of disease, wipe down and tidy up after use to keep them clean

  • Communal Shade Structures

    • Radical Self-Reliance = bring extra shade for your tent

  • Access to Communal Water System and Storage - Cool and Infused Drinking Water, Washing Station, Hot Shower Trailer System (11% of fee)

    • Radical Self-Reliance = always bring extra for you (2-3 gallons of water in case of emergency)

    • Communal Effort = don't use up all the camp's hot water / water in general and please limit showers to 5 minutes

  • Contribution to Year-Round Storage, Transport, and Purchasing of Camp Infrastructure (55% of fee)

07.07.22 - All Camp Applicants must pay a 50% Camp Deposit to reserve their spot.
07.28.22 - Remaining Payment of Camp Fees must be paid in full.
08.10.22 - Camp Placement Forms are due.
08.11.22 -  Camp Fees increase to cover added costs for late additions to the camp (food order changes, etc)
08.18.22 - All Camp Fees are refundable if you need to cancel before this date  (because of the deployment of funds for camp costs, refunds will be processed AFTER the burn).


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