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2019 - Metamorphosis

(re)Birthing on playa as Red Lightning :: Blue Thunder, the community manifested an epic build of a 80ft sound stage with award-winning performances by Lucent Dossier.

After taking a year off in 2018, the core council of 5 Red Lightning women, Laurel Kitten, Jackie Ravenheart, Cassandra Angel, JacQstar Davies, and Raquel Water Woman came together to envision a new year (and new name) for the Red Lightning work on Playa. Red Lightning :: Blue Thunder was created with the updated mission to Awaken Ancestral Wisdom.

Water prayers and water conservation talks were offered as insightful programming, a Rose Temple holding the original Red Lightning Prayer, performance by Lucent Dossier on the Tarot and current impacts to Mother Earth along with 24/7 sound healing vibrating out to playa on our Danley Jericho Speaker System were some of the offerings that brought our community members together for a truly unique experience on playa.

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